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Burna Boy’s Mum, Bose Ogulu Advices Women.


Burna Boy’s Mum, Bose Ogulu Advices Women.

Burna Boy’s mother and manager, Bose Ogulu has advised women to focus less being aesthetically pleasing and work on themselves to be good at something tangible. following the recognition of her son exploits, with his receival of a Grammy award.

Mrs Ogulu, in a chat with media personality, Latasha Ngwube, urged women to carry themselves the way they want to be treated.

She further narrated that if they portray themselves as objects, they would be treated like one hence why they should refrain from seeing themselves in that light.

In her own words she said;

“Carry yourself the way you want to be treated. If you make yourself an object, you’ll be treated like one. Let people know there is a brain between your ears, when they do, they may be uncomfortable around you, but they will respect you. It is more important to be respected than liked. Be competent at what you decide to do”.

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