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My Disability Ruined My Dream Of Replacing Messi – Says 20 year-old Lady (Watch Video)

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My Disability Ruined My Dream Of Replacing Messi – Says 20 year-old Lady (Watch Video)

A diminutive 20-year-old lady has shared the touching story of how her disability ruined her hopes of pursuing her desired career path.

The young lady said that she had desired to be a professional footballer, she grew up playing football and always dreamt of playing at the highest level, but her disability hindered her from achieving her   dreams.

Afrimax English revealed the young lady was diagnosed with “shortness” and this rare condition was an hindrance in achieving her dreams.

It was further gathered that she started school very late because she had to wait for a long time to start walking and for her legs to grow longer a bit.

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The lady revealed that people usually doubt her age and find it difficult to believe she’s a girl, according to her, people usually mistaken her for a boy because of her stature.

Watch video below:

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