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(REAL-LIFE RATATOUILLE). Man Shocked As He Walked Into His Kitchen To Find A Rat Cooking

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(REAL-LIFE RATATOUILLE). Man Shocked As He Walked Into His Kitchen To Find A Rat Cooking

A Man has shared his amazing experience after he woke up to a shocking and weird scenario.

A Twitter user with the handle @caasiphil claimed walked in to his family’s kitchen. only to see a rat cooking food in the kitchen

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He shared a picture of the incident on his twitter handle and Twitter users reacted to his post.

@whoisSkynot said; Nigga broke into our kitchen and started making himself some dinner

@capt_halim said; Many of you on this street posses the “rat behavior” When others are sleeping you are in the kitchen cooking noodles, some even pound yam.Change your behavior and stop competing with rats…

@Medoyel said; He must have tasted your food and he doesn’t want to die of food poisoning so he thinks preparing his meal is best for his health

@OttakuSenshi said; Am I the only one that find this creature interesting. If not for the disease-carrying and spreading problem, I seriously don’t mind the guy being around.

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