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Suspected Yahoo Boys Caught Taking Their Bath In A Cemetery

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Suspected Yahoo Boys Caught Taking Their Bath In A Cemetery

In a shocking video making rounds online, showed the moment some suspected yahoo boys gathered together and took their bath in a cemetery.

Yahoo Boys bathing in a cemetery

These young boys who were three in number were also noticed to be seemingly chanting incantations while taking their baths.

It has been recently deduced that young men in a hurry to become very wealthy have now turned to engaging in a diabolic act of bathing with a special soap so as to fulfill their greedy desire of getting rich quick. This has resulted in the slang “cut soap for me na” commonly used by many jokingly.

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Social media users reacting to the video, have condemned the men for desecrating the cemetery which some believed to be disrespectful of the dead.

Watch the video below:

It is a shame that our able bodied youths have turned to these indulgence spurned by laziness, a wicked heart, ignorance and the desire to become very rich very fast and without working hard to earn their riches.

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