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TECNO Spark 7P (Specifications And Review)

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TECNO Spark 7P (Specifications And Review)

TECNO Spark 7P. This is why it is so highly recommended and why you should definitely purchase this Android phone.

But before we talk about the Tecno Spark 7P, I’ll tell you how i got to find out how awesome this mobile phone proves to be. A mobile phone user on recently experienced some problems with an old phone and needed to buy a new phone that had the recent mobile innovations, specifications, functionalities and yet very affordable for someone with a low budget.

If you are looking for the same thing, then here is why you should most definitely purchase the New TECNO Spark 7P;


You can say goodbye to always needing to delete precious files on your phone to create space for new files every now and then. With the Tecno Spark 7P’s 128 GB ROM, you can have all the space you need to store your favourite files. That’s one less thing to worry about in my life (it is the seemingly small things that make for a peaceful life. Trust me). Tecno Spark 7P’s 4GB RAM provides stable and fluent performance, gaming, entertainment, and most importantly, multitasking will be fast and smooth. Note that there is a 64GB ROM+4GB RAM memory version also available.

90 Hz Refresh Rate

Spark 7P comes with a 90 Hertz refresh rate! Don’t know what that means? Well, I didn’t too. You see, the refresh rate is simply the measurement of how quickly your phone’s display updates, in other words, how often and quickly the content on the screen refreshes. Measured in Hertz (Hz), the refresh rate counts the number of times the display refreshes every second it is on, 90Hz refreshes 90 times per second. And here is what that means for me; Spark 7P’s high refresh rate will make moving content look and feel smoother and snappier. Even swiping through your emails and interacting with Instagram’s UI will look smoother than the standard 60Hz rate which most smartphones have. For video content lovers like me, this refresh rate is a very big deal! It makes for clear, high quality videos as well as a smooth playback. The MediaTek G70 processor complements this experience by proving the speed necessary to execute every task thrown at the Spark 7P.

5000mAh Battery Power

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t like carrying the extra weight of a power bank wherever you go. Well you don’t have to, the Tecno Spark 7P’s 5000mAh powerful battery and its smart power-saving system satisfies your needs of staying juiced up for your daily activities and night life. Be gone power bank, Spark 7P to the rescue!

Super Night Mode Photography

Tecno Spark 7P comes with outstanding camera features! Its 16MP main camera enables highly clear and more natural photos whether it is daytime or night. With its 8x digital zoom capability, great details can be seen clearly in every photo captured. That’s not all. The device comes with great flash technology that effectively solves the problem of dim photos in dark environments. That is why pictures taken with the Super Night Mode at night or in low light areas transforms into supercool and clear photos.

Loaded with 8MP Al Selfie Camera, SPARK 7P will always be ready to capture my glamorous moments. With its dual front flash and Portrait HDR, brighter and charming selfie in a low light scenario will be so easy to take. The device will definitely offer me a smoother and funnier selfie experience. What’s more, the smartphone, comes with great photo enhancement features; AI body shaping, AI Bokeh effects, AI HDR, AI scene detection, AI beauty mode, 120 frame slow motion photography, video chat beauty mode and so much more. Even my Instagram page will thank me for this choice!

Bright and Sleek Design

Tecno Spark 7P does not look bulky and bland. It’s sleek body allows for a very comfortable fit in the palm. Spark 7P comes in unique and lit colours that gives you a hard time making the decision on which to pick. And quite honestly, I still don’t know which to go for between the Summer Mojito, Alps Blue, Magnet Black and Spruce Green colour variations.


The Tecno Spark 7P checks all the boxes! Its’s a one-stop-shop for all your needs?. And the best part is the price and affordability. The Spark 7P in all its glory is sold at the sweet price range of 68,000 Naira only!

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