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We Will Release Documents That Expose Sponsors Of Terrorism And Banditry In Nigeria, New Group Declares

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We Will Release Documents That Expose Sponsors Of Terrorism And Banditry In Nigeria, New Group Declares

A political group, named ‘I Stand With Buhari’ has threatened to expose the alleged sponsors of terrorism and banditry in Nigeria.

Spokesperson for the group, Mr Ifeanyi Ezedinma, at a news conference on Thursday in Abuja gave the suspected sponsors one month to denounce the acts. The group claims the activities of terrorists and bandits in the country is for sabotage.

According to the group, it is in possession of some classified documents that will expose the sponsors causing problems in the country.

He said;

“We also have a list of their names, from state governors down to political influencers, youth organisations, as well as clandestine organisations under their payroll.

“We are therefore giving them until the end of the month to disband their private militia and discontinue their sponsorship of banditry and terrorism in Nigeria.

“If they refuse by the end of the month, we will not only expose their identities to the world but will also embark on mass action against them in their respective locations,’’

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The group described Nigeria as “indivisible”. The group further said;

“Buhari means well for the country and is working to ensure that all agents of darkness sponsoring the current security challenge are exposed and brought to book,” the group said.


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